Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1: Protecting Your Base
Battlefield 1 is another well made war flash game. It is not complicated at all but if you decide on playing the hard missions you will surely have some trouble. The purpose of the Battlefield 1 game is protecting your base from enemy soldiers. You can do this by shooting them before they destroy your base. You will have a number of weapons at your disposal and this number increases further into the game. Battlefield 1 is slightly harder to finish because the soldiers attacking your game need to be shot several times before they die. The graphics are good for a flash game as you will distinguish the soldiers and some other elements on the field. If you decide to play Battlefield 1, you should know that you can find this game online and play it for free. Protecting your base from soldiers is a common theme these days so playing Battlefield 1 will surely be a lot of fun.

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