Bongo Balls

Bongo Balls: dont let them stack up!
The Bongo Balls game is simple and fun. In this free online flash game you have a monkey sitting in an island with a chain of colorful balls passing in front of him. The monkey has a ball shooter with a specific color of ball, which you must match to other balls in the chain. When you get 3 or more balls together, they disappear and give you points. The goal of Bongo Balls is getting rid of the advancing chain as fast as you can. The chain will grow and accumulate, which you have to stop by making the balls disappear. There is a limit to where the balls can get, and if the balls get there before you can finish them off, it is game over for you! In Bongo Balls the more space there is between where the limit is and where your chain was when you got rid of the last balls, the bigger your bonus. Bongo Balls has lines in many different shapes that will challenge your aim and your speed. Can you get rid of all the Bongo Balls?

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