Boxhead is a Robots on Alert Game!
Boxhead is a great online game played by more than million gamers on internet. You will surely find similarities between Boxhead and Pacman which is also a free flash game with lots of adrenaline. What you need to do is kill any resistance you might encounter on the game field. There is a lot of ammunition available and a lot of robots to kill in Boxhead. Your character is a robot and it has different weapons that should be used for killing the other robots. As mentioned above Box Head 2 Play has similarities to Pac-man as the way you see the field is similar to this classic game. Besides this, the enemy robots try to kill you by touching you and they become more and more numerous once you get to higher levels of play. Boxhead gameplay is not very hard but you will need to stay alert all the time and try to kill as many enemies as you can to be a master Box Head 2Play destroyer.

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