Bug on a Wire

Game Name: Bug on a Wire

Game Categories: Mini Games  Skill Games  Funny Games  Kids Games  Animal Games 
How long can you last as the Bug on a Wire?
Bug on a Wire is the classic obstacle game with a twist. In this flash game you control a bug that is running through telephone wires. Your goal in Bug on a Wire is to jump and dodge obstacles, which are mostly birds that will try to eat you. Bug on a Wire is based on concentration and good hand-eye coordination so you can operate the controls quickly. The only controls you will need are the arrow keys and, of course, your eyes! Watch out carefully for the birds; they are greyish-black and so are the wires! A timer will keep track of how long you?ve been playing. Since Bug on a Wire is a free game that is available online, you can play for hours! Try to keep track of your records and see if you can beat them, then challenge your friends! A great way to exercise concentration and coordination, Bug on a Wire is an amusing game for people of all ages.
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