Catapult Madness

Catapult Madness: Throwing People Away
Catapult Madness is a great online game where you need to throw people using a catapult in order to complete missions. The game is placed in a far away country in the medieval period. Throwing people using a catapult is the main idea of the game but it has some side stories as well. If you like catapult games, you will find Catapult Madness a great one because the graphics are over average for this type of a free flash game. Catapult Madness has some humoristic accents as well like all the other catapult based games. The gameplay is pretty simple as you will only use your mouse for playing Catapult Madness. You do not need any special training and this is why many people prefer simple games like this. In conclusion, Catapult Madness is one of the best catapult games that are available for free on Internet.

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