Color by Number

Game Name: Color by Number

Game Categories: Math Games  Educational Games  Painting Games  Coloring Pages  
Color by Number: A Kids Educational Game
Color by Number is a simple flash educational game especially for little kids. It is available for free in an online version at Pukmo. It is one of the most interesting games of its kind. This is because Color by Number game combines easy arithmetic exercises with a colored book. The purpose of the game is finishing the colored pages by using the right numbers and colors. This can be done only if the answers for the equations are found correctly. This way, the kids are encouraged to learn the arithmetic basics while coloring the nice pictures of the game. Color by Number is a great tool for parents who do not manage to make their kids study as much as they would like. Therefore, you should definitely encourage your kid to play Color by Number game as it will make him interested much more often than a study book or a test.

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