Demolition City 2

Game Name: Demolition City 2

Game Categories: Destruction Games  Action Games  Physics Games  Skill Games  
Demolition City 2: The explosive excitement is back with Demolition City 2
Would you like to be able to demolish old buildings? Place the dynamite, push the button? You can do that for free and online with Demolition City 2! It is your job to place dynamite on old buildings and then bring them to the ground! The original Demolition City was fun, but this is even better! Featuring improved graphics, this game is jam-packed with thrills. Demolition City 2 also features a map with different cities where you will find all sorts of architecture to demolish. The challenges are even more difficult than in the first game: demolish a building around a statue that cannot be damaged! Although a lot harder than the original Demolition City game, Demolition City 2 has a longer play time and the new settings will amuse you. In this game you can also purchase more and different styles of dynamite to make the explosions bigger and better. Are you up for this job? Demolition City 2 is the bomb!

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