Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter: Protect your Castle!
Elona Shooter is a flash game which puts you in a medieval world with princesses, castles, sheep and barbarians. This is the great specific of the game. The purpose of Elona Shooter is protecting your castle from the incoming herds of sheep, barbarians and other attackers. If you like turf defending action games, Elona Shooter should be one of your favorites. The Elona Shooter strategy is not very complex, but for a flash game, it is great that there is one. You will have to shoot the enemies that are as close to your castle because otherwise they will damage it. The great thing is that you have a few other friends helping you in this battle. They will also shoot in your enemies but you will have to do the hardest job. Elona shooter is a nice game and you can spend your afternoon playing it if you like this category of online free games.

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