Epic Coaster

Epic Coaster: A World of Roller Coasters
Epic Coaster game will put you in control of a roller coaster and you have to jump over the broken lines in order to avoid crashing. This is a great idea for this flash game, Epic Coaster, because a lot of people are scared to go on a rollercoaster just because they think there are chances of crashing. As you notice, the game is very simple because you only need to jump using the space button. If you want to keep things simple, you can play this game at Pukmo and have plenty of entertainment. Epic Coaster is a free online game with a lot of action and good graphics for a flash internet game. In summary, Epic Coaster is all about roller coasters and jumping between various levels of these fun and exciting machines. If you pay attention to this rollercoaster game, you can make a great score the first time you play it.

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