Hide the Fart

Game Name: Hide the Fart

Game Categories: Mini Games  Funny Games  Skill Games  
Hide the Fart is Pure Fun
Hide the Fart is one of the funniest flash games that exist online. Hide the Fart features a personality in the position of hiding farts with other noises, and you should help him to do so. You will surely love this game if you enjoy playing mini fun games. The whole action of the game occurs in a bus stop where you will have to fart when other cars that make noise pass by. This way the other guy that sits next to you will not notice that you have farted. If you want to keep the fart in before cars pass by you have the option of retaining it with the left button. Hide the Fart is of course a free game in the online scenery and many people find it extremely funny. If you are looking for this type of a game, you should know that Hide the Fart does not have more than one level. You need to gain as many points as you can by hiding as many farts as you can.

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