Math Lines

Game Name: Math Lines

Game Categories: Math Games  Educational Games  
Math Lines: Another Easy Math Game
Math Lines is a flash game destined for early age children. This is because all you need to do when playing this math game is shoot balls which have to make the sum of ten. For example in Math Lines, if you have an 8 number on your ball, you should shoot a 2 in order to make the balls disappear. As you can see, Math Lines is a simple online game which you can play for free. If you want to use a simple tool for learning the basics of Arithmetic, you should definitely choose this game. There are a lot of math games available for free, but usually they are not as easy as Math Lines. Therefore, you should definitely choose Math Lines for your kid, if you want him to learn a few things while having fun and shooting balls. Many times educational games such as this one have a better impact on the kid than books and studying.

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