PacXon: The modern Pac-Man
You should try PacXon if you don´t think Pac-Man is challenging enough. In fact, you should try it PacXon right now because it is completely free! In this online flash game, the Pac man character must trap two ghosts in between blue blocks. Move the Pac-Man with your arrows from one side to the other, completing a line, to create a solid line (or many lines). Beware of the ghosts in Pacxon! If one of the ghosts touches your character or the line you are making, you lose a life and go back to the beginning square. The less space the ghosts have to move around at PacXon, the faster they will go and the harder it will be for you to make lines. Keep your eyes open for bonuses, including a special power that will allow you to eat ghosts. If you have played Pacman before, PacXon will be a great twist to your experience with the yellow creature. If you have never played with it before, then PacXon will be a great way to start and it will definitely leave you craving more!
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