Pacman 3D

Pacman 3D if 2-dimension is not enough!
Pac Man games other than Pacman 3D are typically known for their minimalist, 2-dimension layouts in which getting around is not hard but is made harder by the ghosts chasing you and the maze set-up. Game producers have tried many ways to change the game and give it new features, but only a few have attempted to change the dimensions like this flash game does. What about taking the game to a whole new level by making the layout three-dimensional? Pacman 3D makes that a reality! Use your arrow keys in an entirely different way; this game will be confusing at first. Once you get used to the layout in Pacman 3D, you will be able to move around to gather points and avoid being hit by ghosts. Each level will be more difficult and will require you to think in a three-dimensional way that translates onto the screen. With a three-dimensional setting, Pacman 3D brings the Pacman game closer to a real-life aspect!

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