Pacman War

Pacman War: A Pacman Shooting Game
Pacman War is not your average Pacman game and this is for sure. Usually, Pacman games are simple and you only have to collect the small yellow pieces for completing a level. Pacman War is somewhat different because it involves a lot of shooting. There are several weapons available throughout this flash game and you need to use them for shooting your enemies in war. The little yellow pieces are part of the game as well but they are less important than shooting your enemies. Pacman Wars are a lot of fun to play because they add a lot of excitement and action to any Pacman game. Therefore, if you like Pacman, war and shooting games as well, you should try Pacman War because this game combines the action of a shooting game with the fun of Pacman character. The fact that this is a free online game that will increase its popularity among gamers.

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