Smiley Wars

Smiley Wars: War with a Smile - W, A, S, D Keyboards for movement -
Smiley Wars is a great online game and it is made in flash and it is free to play. As the name lets you guess, the main purpose of Smiley Wars is winning the war between your fully armed Smiley against other smiley faces. The arenas where you will begin your Smiley Wars adventure looks like the ones in Worms. This is what makes Smiley Wars different from other games from this category. However, you will surely have a lot of fun killing the other smiley faces by using your weapons. There are different weapons available for you from the beginning and you will unlock more of them by advancing through the game. Smiley wars ads a funny touch to the classical war flash game. The gameplay itself is not complicated at all because shooting, jumping and moving left to right are the only actions you need to do for completing the levels.

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