Sniper Assassin

Sniper Assassin: Killing from Long Distance
Sniper Assassin is the first one of the series of game where you need to shoot people from long distance. The main purpose of the game is simple: killing the people that are described in your mission briefing and avoiding to kill innocents. Sniper Assassin is a great game if you have the patience of reading the briefing every time you start a new mission. Otherwise, you will end up killing innocents and you will fail the mission. Being a flash game, the graphics are not overwhelming but the idea of the game is based on sniper killing not on details. Sniper Assassin can be found online and you can begin your missions for free. This game can turn out to be somewhat addictive because once you start playing it you will want to complete all the missions. Therefore, when you plan to play Sniper Assassin 1, you would better have some time to spend.

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