Storm the House 3

Storm the House 3: Practicing Target Shooting
Storm the House 3 is a great flash game which will become one of your favorites if you decide to play it. This is because it is simple and fun and all you need to do is shoot the enemies that are approaching your base before they reach it. Besides this, you can play online for free so you do not need to worry about other complications. Storm the House 3 is one of the favorites of shooting game lovers because it is entertaining. There are many levels of play available and if you prefer not to play in campaign mode, there are several other types of play you can choose from. Storm the House 3 is a classic action game which is well liked especially by kids but it has its adepts among adults too. If you want to have fun in a boring afternoon, you should definitely try Storm the House 3 because the boredom will disappear.

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