Sushi Go Round

Become a sushi chef with Sushi Go Round!
Have you ever wanted to try the sushi chef experience in Sushi Go Round? Now you can be a sushi chef for free with the online flash game Sushi Go Round, the best of all sushi games! The head chef has left and you have been left in charge of the kitchen! It is your task to manage this sushi restaurant, from the cooking to the stocking. You will get many customers and will have to prepare sushi under pressure, keeping track of who has been served and who hasnt. If you dont deliver the sushi on time in Sushi Go Round game, your customers will get angry and leave, damaging the restaurants reputation. On top of that, you must keep track of dirty dishes and stock, making sure you dont run out of ingredients when you have pending orders. You will get an initial target, and if you meet that target you will get more and more until you become a top sushi chef in Sushi Go Round! Can you keep up with the sushi rush?

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