Toss the Turtle

Toss the Turtle: Turtle Shooting
Toss the Turtle is an incredibly funny game to play. This is because the purpose of this flash game is exactly what it sounds like: you need to shoot a turtle from a canon for as long as you can. After shooting it from the canon, you will need to shoot it with your rifle for distancing it as much as you can from the starting point. Toss the Turtle game is very funny and many kids are obsessed with it. The easiness of the game, combined with flash graphics and the fact that it is available online for free, makes Toss the Turtle one of the most popular games of action type. Tossing the turtle is the aim and the finality of the game. In conclusion, if you are a turtle enthusiast, you might not want to play this Toss the Turtle because shooting the small creature is cruel but it is fun at the same time.
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