Tron Game

How the Tron Game Works
If ever you are bored with the flash games in your computer then you can try out the Tron game at Pukmo. This game is quite exhilarating and it is also quite challenging. You will start with the loading screen and then a link to several other free games on the net. After loading, you would be redirected to the start of the Tron game. You would then need to follow the instructions so that you can control your character. Basically, you will be the one who would play the violet character while the computer would be using the green one. You would then need to navigate in a graph like environment. The main theme of the Tron game is to move from one area to the next. You would need to create some solid lines without hitting the lines that you made or the lines that your opponent made. You can create intricate patterns to lull the computer into submission, so if you get tired with the other games in your PC then you can try out the Tron game.

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