Urban Sniper

Urban Sniper: Sniper in Town!
Urban Sniper is a flash game you will surely enjoy. This is because apart from other sniping internet games, you will be able to kill as many people you like without failing the mission. This is a great aspect besides the fact that you will have to kill the guys from the mission as well. In Urban Sniper, the action occurs in the city so there are a few urban elements you will notice. Like all the sniper games, there is not a high level of details, but this is nothing compared to the fact that you can kill anyone in your sight. Urban Sniper is a simple game just like the rest of the free sniper games.  The missions are quite simple, but you should read the briefing because otherwise you will find it hard to shoot the right persons. In conclusion, Urban Sniper is a great game from its vast category.

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