Youda Legend

Game Name: Youda Legend

Game Categories: Hidden Object Games  Skill Games  
Youda Legend welcomes you in Amsterdam!
Youda Legend, The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond is just one of the best puzzle games that you can play on internet today. It is a puzzle game wherein you would be searching for various items. The application allows users to put in their name and gender. It has a compelling storyline and beautiful flash graphics that would really leave you with awe. Youda Legend starts with your arrival to Amsterdam, upon arrival you would be searching for various items and objects. You need to click for the item that is listed in the left area of the screen. Some of the objects are too obvious to notice while others are concealed with the other elements in each stage. Youda Legend differs from other applications since it is more on the speed of searching coupled with a lot of mouse pointing. If you get tired at home and you want a very intellectual puzzle game then try Youda Legend.

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