Youda Sushi Chef

Try your hand at preparing sushi with Youda Sushi Chef
Sushi games have become popular, and this free Youda Sushi Chef game is one you must try! It is an online flash sushi game in which your character has just opened a new sushi restaurant and must do the best job possible to impress new customers and create a good reputation. As the chef and owner in Youda Sushi Chef, it is your goal to meet the money targets that have been set for you and to keep all of your customers happy. If you loose customers, your reputation will go down! Create all kinds of sushi and provide the best service by making a show with your sushi knife or even giving your customers sake. Once your first restaurant becomes a true symbol of excellence, you will be able to take the sushi dream further by building more restaurants! A small look at the sushi world, Youda Sushi Chef promises hours of entertainment and fast-paced duels with a sushi knife. Are you up for this sushi challenge?

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