The Return of Classic Games Online 21-09-2011

For the generation which was not born during the time of the Family Computer, Sega, Play Station: lucky you. You were born to games which are already in high definition, allows multiplayer (2 or more) and possibly shown in 3D as well. 20 years ago, these high-tech games are virtually non-existent. But the games were enjoyable, monumental even so as to stay in the minds and the hearts of people who played them even decades passed by already.
What’s even better is the fact that even if the younger generation was not able to live in the time of Pacman and Super Mario’s popularity, there is a way to experience it. All you have to do is to connect to the Internet, visit Pukmo and browse the wide selection of games there. We have Sonic, Mahjong, Super Mario and Pacman. Talk about a literal “blast from the past.”
This classic game is sure to stay through the years and the ages. I’ve seen young kids, who are used to seeing great gaming graphics, enjoy playing Pacman, too. The game instantly captures anybody’s interest with its simplistic design and very simple game rules.
Sonic is one of the characters that will always be part of a child’s life. This is especially true during the 1990’s when Sonic was made popular by Sega. As of the time being, Sonic games are still being played by enthusiasts. Most of these games are the Flash versions uploaded in websites like Pukmo. But gaming programmers endeavor to relive Sonic and other games by developing PC versions of the old game.
Super Mario
Speaking of classic, who would ever forget that plumber in a red and blue jumpsuit? The Miyamoto character, which was originally called Mr. Plumber in Donkey Kong, is as influential and popular as ever. Super Mario is given another shot to fame via creating Flash versions of the game. And since the website caters to kids aged 9 and above, seeing Super Mario make his way through sewer pipes and carnivorous plants will spark an interest of researching about the games their parents played before. This is an amazing way to bond with the children and share how Family Computers and other gaming consoles now differ with laptops and PCs.

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