Who is Mario 06-12-2011

Who is Mario? Nintendo's Mario is the most famous and recognizable figure in the video game industry. His story begins back in the early 80s, when he first appeared in a Donkey Kong game where, even in his first apparition, his mission in the game was to rescue a damsel in distress. From then on Mario appeared in a few more Donkey Kong games and then started becoming his own star. The Mario line began with Mario Bros., which featured Mario and his brother Luigi. From then on many Mario games sprung, not only for the early Nintendo consoles but for every generation of consoles that Nintendo has created.

After “Who is Mario?” another question rises: What has made Mario so popular? For many years, Mario games had the same look (although he has gone from 8-bit to a 3-dimensional figure), the same characters, and the same mission (rescuing the princess). Most of the Mario games, if not all, are family friendly and can be played by anyone of any age who can hold a remote and press buttons! With their cartoon-like looks, colors and sounds they attract children but their complexity and difficulty lure in adults and even people who don't usually enjoy video games. Although the games may have looked easy, there was always a challenging element to even the most basic Mario game, and that is something that the fans adore. Even the music is attractive, catchy and has become enormously iconic. Mainly famous for being a plumber and jumping around a world full of pipes and underground worlds, Mario actually took many roles. Once the fandom became quite large, Mario games evolved into completely new and different things according to market demand: Mario Kart for the racing fans, Paper Mario for people who like different designs and Mario Galaxy for a more interactive and mobile controller use with the Wii console.

Mario has even gone into sports, with games such as Mario Tennis and Mario Soccer, as well as Olympics games in which he participated with his alleged rival from Sega, Sonic. One of the most renowned games in which Mario is out of his plumber role is Mario Kart, a game in which all the Mario characters race throughout unique Mario-themed courses with challenges like slippery banana peels and turtle shells thrown at you by opponents. There is such a great fandom and almost an entire world built around Mario that there was even a Mario movie that was produced. Mario games and Mario-themed anything can be found everywhere, from the Internet to countless stores in real life. It is impossible that you don't know who Mario is, but now you know how big the Mario world is! If you used to think all Mario games were the same, now you know there is something for everything. Mario has a game for every kind of person; surely now you will want to try the Mario games and find out which one is for you! Click the below game names to play games and get more info about Who Mario is!

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