4 Wheel Madness

Game Name: 4 Wheel Madness

Game Categories: Driving Games  Truck Games  Racing Games 
Nobody Gets Mad at 4 Wheel Madness!
4 Wheel Madness is an amazing game that lets you race on monster trucks. If you have a monster truck, then you will have to wreck things! Well, what´s the point of one if you are not doing so then? 4 Wheel Madness is another one of the many 4 Wheel Madness monster truck free online games. With 4 Wheel Madness, you will have to drive around your four wheel monster around, crushing cars or anything else that comes in your way to the finish line. The faster you reach there, the more points you get. If you are a monster truck game fan, then go ahead and try 4 Wheel Madness!
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