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Air Transporter

Air Transporter

Game Name: Air Transporter

Game Categories: Helicopter Game  Action Games  Skill Games  Physics Games  
Air Transporter: Fun in the air
Air Transporter is an online free game and it is entirely made in flash and it can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. The purpose of the game is carrying boxes and other things using your helicopter. Air Transporter is simple and you do not need any special training. However, moving the boxes around is not very simple because you have to release the ropes and move the boxes in the right place. Otherwise, you will not complete the mission. The Air Transporter game is usually preferred by kids who do not want to play complicated games. However, it is a great game for having a little fun in the afternoon. The first few levels are pretty simple but it tends to become harder and harder to play from the 5th level on. Air Transporter combines the fun of an easy game with the complexity of a helicopter based game.

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