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Airport Madness 3

Airport Madness 3

Airport Madness 3 Review
Airport Madness 3 is an old fashioned flash plane game. It is available online for free and it gained a lot of fans plane games online since its release. The main purpose of the game is managing the traffic of an airport and avoiding crashes. Even if this might look simple, you should know that in reality it really is not. This is because you will have to manage a lot of planes, routes, lands and take offs in order to have a good flow on your virtual airport. Airport Madness 3 is a great traffic simulator for a flash game and you will enjoy its complexity. You will be in command and you will manage all the actions of every plane just like a real traffic controller. The best thing about Airport Madness 3 is that it simulates the reality pretty good and it is both easy to play and easy to learn since there is a tutorial available. Therefore you should play Airport Madness 3 and convince yourself!

This Airport Madness 3 game was switched to version 4 a better experience.
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