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Game Name: Arcuz

Game Categories: RPG Games  Adventure Games  Strategy Games  
A Role Playing Game Called Arcuz
Arcuz is not only a game with a funny name but it is also a very interesting flash application. Much like other free role playing games on the net, Arcuz is based on medieval times. It has a system control screen which allows players to select the language that they prefer. The game also has a saving panel so that players would be able to continue on with their quests after leaving the main site. In Arcuz, players would be controlling a hero with your own name and skills. Navigate through various places and solve quests. Players would also need to kill as many monsters as you can in order to gain items and skill points. There are other people on the maps, so if players would be lost, they can just talk with the people. There is also a map panel below the Arcuz screen which shows the exact location of the hero as well as the other places to visit.

Game Tag: free rpg games  
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