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Bomb Jack 1

Bomb Jack 1

Game Name: Bomb Jack 1

Game Categories: Bomberman  Arcade Games  Adventure Games  Platform Games  
Bomb Jack 1 is a Classic Bomb Game
Bomb Jack 1 is from old day. Are you a fan of old school games, with the pixelated style and the simple 2-D layouts? Bomb Jack 1 is a one-player game in which you must jump and retrieve items to get points while avoiding little monsters. Use your keyboard arrows in Bomb Jack 1 to move sideways and the space bar to jump up. Part of the goal in this game is to capture all the bombs on your screen before they detonate. You will see the bomb start to go off slowly, which lets you know that you have to speed up.  Bomb Jack 1 has three lives to spare, and making contact with one of the monsters in the game ( Bomb Jack1 ) or letting a bomb go off will make you lose these lives. Make sure to check the help section of the game to learn which items are worth more, which items will help you and which characters or items will harm you. Will you be able to become a Bomb Jack 1 champion?
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