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Chibi Knight

Chibi Knight

Game Name: Chibi Knight

Game Categories: RPG Games  Adventure Games  Strategy Games  
Fight in Chibi Knight  
Chibi Knight is an online RPG game that offers very simple controls that is very playable to all kids. Chibi Knight is unlike any RPG game that focuses on more serious players. Chibi Knight is somewhat an RPG game for the kids, and also for some adults as well. The game is all about a small warrior who should save the whole kingdom of Oukoku from destruction of the 3 main beasts. The player of Chibi Knight will enjoy fighting small or minor bosses as he or she goes to the final goal of saving the kingdom. It doesnt only focus on RPG game flow but it is also well directed on being an action game. And what more, the game also hired a 5 year old girl for dubbing one of the main character, Bella, in the game. This free online RPG game, Chibi Knight, is a must for many kids who love adventure.

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