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Civilization Wars

Civilization Wars

Game Name: Civilization Wars

Game Categories: RPG Games  Adventure Games  Strategy Games  
Magic and Conquest with Civilization Wars
One of the best free role playing games that you will enjoy online is Civilization Wars. It is a very interesting internet game that you can play without the hassle of pressing too many buttons or finishing a lot of quests. This free flash application is about conquest. In Civilization Wars you would be controlling a group of natives with special powers. You would then lead them to conquer various lands and other cities. You might notice that in the flash game Civilization Wars, the more cities you conquer, the more armies you control. If you want to get stronger then all you have to do is to get as many special items which are spread throughout the map as possible. Crystal cities in Civilizations Wars are known to increase the power of your armies. You can also use towers so that your enemies would not be able to get close to you. However, if you think that Civilization Wars is all about armies then you should try to cast some nasty spells.

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