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Crush the Castle 2

Crush the Castle 2

Game Name: Crush the Castle 2

Game Categories: Destruction Games  Physics Games  Skill Games  Target Shooting Games  Action Games   
Medieval fun with Crush the Castle 2!
There is nothing like a good old medieval-style game, and Crush the Castle 2 is a free online catapult game that is all the rage! This flash game is an improved version of its predecessor, Crush the Castle. With amazing, realistic graphics and a developed story plot, Crush the Castle 2 takes medieval-themed games to the next level. Start out with a catapult and simple materials like wood. Move on to rocks, then iron balls, then bombs, and only you can find out what else! The King will send you on important castle-wrecking missions across the country and you will have the opportunity to win gold medals in Crush the Castle 2 if your shots are impressive! If you get bored of destroying castles, you can always build your own castle and share it with others. You also have the option of looking at castles others have built and taking a shot at destroying them. Take part in medieval architecture and war with Crush the Castle 2!

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