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Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle

Game Name: Crush the Castle

Game Categories: Destruction Games  Target Shooting Games  Action Games  Physics Games  Skill Games  
Crush the Castle: A Medieval Catapult Game!
Crush the Castle is a game of accuracy and good aim: launch rocks, bombs and other heavy things from a catapult to destroy the enemies of your land. Crush the Castle is very similar to the famous Angry Birds game, but it is a free online game and it is completely medieval style. The medieval theme of the game is well-carried out and complete, down to the characters that you must kill in each castle. With every castle that goes down you gain more terrain and more power in the land, making you a respectable enemy! It is important in Crush the Castle that you master the art of the catapult, as the less throws it takes you to bring down a castle, the more points you get! You may think a catapult is a simple weapon, but in reality it can be quite complex! With the Crush the Castle catapult you can launch different types of rocks and later even heavier (or exploding) objects. While playing Crush the Castle, see the medieval world in a way you had never thought of before with a destructive catapult!
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