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Demolition City

Demolition City

Game Name: Demolition City

Game Categories: Destruction Games  Action Games  Physics Games  Skill Games  
Demolition City: Have explosive fun!
Demolition City is an addictive bomb game. Sometimes, the best solution for stress is blowing things up. Unfortunately, not everyone can make things explode as simply as the Mythbusters do, and blowing things up is expensive. That is where Demolition City comes in! Demolition City is a free flash game in which you are in charge of demolishing buildings with dynamite. There is no need for you to get a mallet and take it out on a cement block; Demolition City can be played online for free! The key to this game is to know where to place the dynamite sticks. For each structure you must destroy you only get a certain amount of dynamite. If you use less than what was provided, you get bonus points. You must also watch out for the height limit of your rubble. If the building you destroy does not go below a certain height, you have to re-do the demolition! The more you destroy, the more points you get! Get your boredom and frustration out on digital buildings with Demolition City.

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