Dodge Game

Test your flying skills with Dodge Game
Dodge Game helps you become the pilot of a space ship whose mission is to avoid being shot down by enemies. The game´s screen is very simple, but being a flash game your ship can make swift, clean movements that are controlled by the arrows in your keyboard. In Dodge Game, there is no shooting involved on your part; as the name of the game suggests, you must avoid the shots being fired by other ships and maneuver in a way that allows you to use the shots to shoot down your own enemies. The shots of Dodge Game fired by enemies are programmed to follow you, so by flying close to your enemies while avoiding being shot by them, you can take the shots that are following you and guide them towards an enemy. In Dodge Game, if your ship gets shot you won´t die at once, but watch out for your health! Your reflexes are bound to improve after playing this free game. Test your worth as a space pilot with Dodge Game!
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