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Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

About the Game Duck Hunt
If ever you had a chance to play some neat games in some old gaming consoles then you might had a chance to play Duck Hunt before. This flash application is actually based on the original version. The main objective of the online Duck Hunt is to shoot as many ducks as you can. Before, you would be using a large pipe like contraption that is connected to your gaming console but now you only need to point, aim and shoot with your mouse. The ducks are really fast and they would be moving around the screen. In Duck Hunt, you need to point your cursor directly so that you can catch one. Be careful though because you might shoot your hunting dog if you are not too careful. There is an automatic reload for each set however the loading is a little bit slow so you need to be careful. So, if you are feeling nostalgic and want to take your frustration out of the ducks, then play Duck Hunt online.

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