Escaping the Prison

Game Name: Escaping the Prison

Game Categories: Escape Games  Adventure Games  Stick Games  Action Games  
Escaping the Prison is quite funny
Escaping the Prison is one of the funniest online games today. The stickmen are back but now they are escaping prison. Escaping the Prison game starts with you locked in prison. You would be allowed to choose your weapon and strangely enough, your weapon is inside the cake. From nail file to a funny looking bazooka, you would be using one of them to escape prison. After choosing your weapon, you would either use it on your cell door or the window. It might look easy at the beginning but as you move on with this flash application, you would need to muster all your reflexes in order to win. There are sudden commands in Escaping the Prison such as shift commands or turn right. If you miss the command then you will fail. So, if you are bored online and you want to play with stickmen with shifty eyes and a knack for escape then Escaping the Prison would be your best pick.

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