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Fall Down

Fall Down

Game Name: Fall Down

Game Categories: Mini Games  Maze Game  Skill Games  Adventure Games  Platform Games  
Fall Down: not your traditional ball game
As the name suggests, Fall Down is very different! Traditional ball games that you will find online, especially flash games, will require you to keep a ball from falling into somewhere. In Fall Down, this free online game, you must keep a black ball falling through gaps in many lines that are going upward. You must move the ball to the sides with your arrows. Fall Down requires you to have fast reactions when you see the lines and equally fast finger movements in order to get the ball through the correct gap as quickly as possible. While playing Fall Down, as time goes by and you score more points, the lines will be going faster. If the ball passes the upper part of the screen, you lose. This game appears to be very simple but it requires a great deal of concentration and hand-eye coordination! Defy the standard games and test your coordination with Fall Down.

Game Tag: free mini games online  
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