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Feed the King

Feed the King

Game Name: Feed the King

Game Categories: Funny Games  Skill Games  Mini Games  
Are you fit to Feed the King?
Once you try Feed the King you won´t want to stop! This free online flash game is entertaining and rapidly addictive. First you must build a tower of all kinds of cakes, piling them quickly and trying to dodge bombs, land the cakes on birds, and place cakes on extreme positions for extra points. While playing Feed the King, watch out for many challenges, like fake blocks that look like cake and increasing speed as your tower gets higher and higher! Once you have managed to pile as many cakes as possible, the king will be launched up into the air, where you must guide him with your arrows so he can eat all the cakes you have piled in Feed the King. Play in one of three modes: normal, timed and cake mode. As you play you will discover the many features that Feed the King offers, including coin rewards for your scores, which can later be redeemed for special game items! Share your scores, achievements and badges with your friends, and invite them to join in on the fun! Feed the King is a game guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.
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