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Fire in the Hole

Fire in the Hole

Game Name: Fire in the Hole

Game Categories: Shooting Games  Gun Games  Action Games  War Games  Target Shooting Games  Skill Games  Bloody Games  
Fire in the Hole: A Great Army Game
Fire in the Hole is a flash 2D game which can get anyone addicted. There are a lot of possibilities, weapons, enemies and missions you can try while playing Fire in the Hole. This is what makes this game one of the best ones of its kind. The game has as its primary objective eliminating any resistance from the other armies. You will become a small army man with several weapons at your disposal. The missions are not very simple as the opponents are quite a lot and they have serious weapons too. Fire in the Hole is great because of its 2D dynamics. You will see your character from far up and you will control everything it does. Besides the complexity of the game, another great plus for the game is that you can play it online for free. In conclusion, Fire in the Hole is one of the greatest flash army games.

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