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Game Name: Gemcraft

Game Categories: Tower Defence Games  Action Games  Adventure Games  Strategy Games  
Gemcraft: Defend Your Territory
Gemcraft is the type of game you would want to play when you are bored. It is a free online game made entirely in flash. You will become a wizard who uses gems and all kind of stones for activating defense towers against enemies. The main purpose of Gemcraft is stopping your enemies before they reach your base. The Gemcraft chapter 1 is relatively easy but you will need to strategically place your towers of defense against the enemy. Even if they are numerous, your towers of defense are pretty good as well. Gemcraft 1 will take you to the next level of tower defense games as you are not in the army anymore but you are a wizard defending your turf from your little enemies. If you like this type of games, you will surely love Gemcraft as it brings a new touch in the field of tower defense games.

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