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Gun Blood

Gun Blood

Game Name: Gun Blood

Game Categories: Gun Games  Action Games  Target Shooting Games  Skill Games  Shooting Games  
Gun Blood: Lock and Load like a Pro
Gun Blood takes it back to the Old West, where things were sorted out with a deadly gun match. In this flash game it?s one on one and nothing but two enemies and a couple of guns. This incredible experience is now yours to live for free when you play Gun Blood. Choose to play against the computer or against your friends and get ready to take aim. You only have a few seconds to take down your enemy, so get a good grip on your mouse and aim well. Precision and speed are your best friends in these duels. A couple of rounds you will also have to shoot bottles in Gun Blood while avoiding shooting your assistance, a task more related to aim but a challenge nonetheless. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you are waiting for the countdown to end, ready to take the first shot at your opponent?s head. If you?ve got a steady hand and a reputation to maintain, get yourself over to Gun Blood and prove your worth.

Game Tag: weapon games  
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