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Heli Strike

Heli Strike

Game Name: Heli Strike

Game Categories: Helicopter Game  Action Games  Shooting Games  War Games  
Heli Strike: Missions with the Helicopter
Heli Strike is exactly as you would expect it to be: a flash online helicopter game. It is similar to the old types of games available in the early 90s with the big difference that this one is free to play. You will have several missions but the most important one is rescuing one of your fellow soldiers. You will drive the helicopter through the desert and the most important part of the game is defending your helicopter, not attacking the enemy. This is because in most parts of the Heli Strike game, you will not be able to attack all the enemy forces. Therefore, Helistrike is not an attack game as it is a defend one. The levels increase in difficulty and your life in Heli Strike is not infinite. Therefore, you should not expect finishing the Heli Strike game the first time you ever play it because you will not.

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