Hobo Game

Fight Urban Life with Hobo Game
Hobo Game is not your typical online fight game. The game starts with the "hero" of the story, a hobo that is just resting on a trash dump when he is kicked out and left to wander the streets. Angry, the hobo decides to fight anyone he encounters. You help the hobo fight and gain experience to learn more moves. The basic Hobo Game moves are kicks and punches, but as you fight and gain experience the hobo learns gross yet funny moves like booger shots and spitting. As a free flash game, you can play as many times as you want and save your progress by checking in at certain spots and taking it from there in this Hobo Game. The interesting part about this game is the unusual nature of the "hero"; you dont see any hobo games very often! This flash fighting game is perfect when you´re in the mood to pick up some trash cans and throw them at people because you´re angry or just to kill some time. Take a walk on the poverty side of life with Hobo Game!
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