Honey Trouble

Game Name: Honey Trouble

Game Categories: Zuma  Puzzle Games  Skill Games  Educational Games  
Honey Trouble: Protect your Honey!
Honey Trouble is a fun Zuma game you can play online for free. The game itself is pretty funny because you will be in the role of a bear protecting its honey from different colored balls. In Honey Trouble you will need to shoot the balls with other colored balls in order to make three consecutive balls of the same color. There are three different levels for the game: beginner, normal and hard. Honey Trouble is above average when it comes to the design of the game even if it is made in flash. There are many graphic details that make the game much more fun. Also, Honey Trouble is not a very easy Zuma game to play as the balls move pretty fast even from the first levels. All in all, Honey Trouble is fun and addicting being one of the most complex Zumas you can find online at the moment.

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