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Interactive Buddy

Interactive Buddy

Game Name: Interactive Buddy

Game Categories: Mini Games  Funny Games  Skill Games  
Interactive Buddy: Keep it Simple and Fun
Interactive Buddy is the kind of game you will enjoy at first sight. There is no intro for the game, Interactive Buddy, and you will be placed directly in the skin of a sketch man that jumps around for earning more and more money. This is the only thing you can do at this game and it is played solely with the mouse. Interactive Buddy keeps things simple and fun and you do not need any skills for playing this game. However, this may be the main reason why people find it so great. The popularity of this game is continuously rising and more and more people become interested in this game. Jumping for dollars is what you do all day long anyway so playing Interactive Buddy does not seem so farfetched from the things we do anyway. In conclusion, Interactive Buddy can be played online and it is a flash game free for everyone.

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