Game Name: Kaban

Game Categories: Maze Games  Skill Games  Funny Games  Kids Games  Animal Games  
Guide Kaban through the maze
Kaban is a hungry boar who needs your help in this free online flash game to get to his food. The problem is his food is at the end of a maze, and Kaban is so hungry that he is running quickly to get to the goal. With your mouse or your arrows you must guide the fast boar to his food, and the faster Kaban gets to his goal the more points you get. On the way to the end you will find items like pumpkins, which will give you energy, and mud puddles, which will slow you down. Once you have fed Kaban you will unlock other levels such as a maze run to the bathroom, and with more levels come more fun and crazy features! This game is cute, fun and easy to play for all ages. Kaban only gets funnier as you keep playing and each new maze has something that will give you more points or more challenges. Guide Kaban the boar through his adventures in the mazes!
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