Mahjong Castle

Game Name: Mahjong Castle

Game Categories: Mahjong Games  Mah jong  Mahjongg  Board Games  Educational Games  
Mahjong Castle for Mahjong Addicts
Unlike most mahjong games, Mahjong Castle has tiles with pictures of animals and special effects that are unique to the game. In Mahjong Castle, you must match each animal tile with its matching pair, as well as each season pair to the matching one. There are flower tiles and fruit tiles that can be matched with tiles from their same groups and they do not have to be the same tile. A feature unique to Mahjong Castle is the funny phrases that come up when you match tiles. The phrases are random but they will certainly make you smile. It is an unexpected detail but it makes the game special and one-of-a-kind. The animal tiles appeal to children, but the funny, witty phrases and increasing difficulty in the game appeals to older groups. As a typical feature of mahjong games, Mahjong castle also gives you points for the time it takes you to complete the game. Mahjong Castle is a great mahjong version that you must try!
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