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Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain

Game Name: Mahjong Chain

Game Categories: Mahjong Games  Mah jong  Mahjongg  Board Games  Educational Games  
Mahjong Chain is a new twist
Does Mahjong Chain make sense? If you thought mahjong is a game with a stack of tiles, then you have not tried Mahjong Chain! This online flash game gives an entirely new twist to the way in which mahjong is commonly played. In Mahjong Chain, tiles are laid out vertically, one on top of the other, and you must connect identical tiles to bring the columns down. You can connect identical tiles that are next to each other, on top of one another or can connect through the empty spaces where there used to be tiles. The more tiles of Mahjong Chain you get rid of, the more free space you will have! Watch out for a bar at the bottom which tells you how much time you have left in the game. If you can not find tiles to match, the magnifying glass at the bottom can give you hints and help you win back some time. This version of mahjong will make you re-think the whole structure of the game. Challenge yourself with Mahjong Chain!

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